What Does Larga Baffin Ltd. Do

Our Services

  • We have essentially become a community in the south, housing our client base who travel from the Qikiqtani Region of Nunavut.
  • We provide accommodation and nutritional needs for our clients and patient escorts
  • Transportation to and from the Ottawa Airport
  • Transportation to and from medical appointments and treatments
  • Arrange return air transportation
  • Administer a secure access facility with over 92 total staff operating 24 hours day / 365 days a year

Client Benefits

  • Inuit stay in a culturally appropriate environment sensitive to their needs during difficult times
  • Support staff and information resource to local services available to Inuit i.e. Tungasuvvingat Inuit, Inuqatigiit etc.
  • Participation in cultural events and celebrations both onsite and in the community
  • Interpretation services on site provided by OHSNI
  • Full service kitchen to meet the dietary needs of clients including access to Country Food



Endeavour to be an active neighbour in our community facilitating open communication with our neighbours


Maintain our property to high cleanliness and maintenance standards


Support local businesses in our purchases and contractors


Support local charities with fund raising initiatives


Host Open House Events and network within the community

What to Expect

Larga Baffin Client/Escort Process Getting to Ottawa and Getting back home to Nunavut 2023

Larga Baffin Ltd. is a medical boarding home for individuals travelling to Ottawa for medical services not available to them in Nunavut. Since April 2000 we have essentially become a community in the south, housing our client base who travel from the Baffin Region of Nunavut. We provide local transportation to and from appointments in the greater Ottawa region; to and from the airport; provide home cooked meals; and clean, comfortable accommodation, and also arrange return travel upon completion of medical appointments. Larga Baffin is an Inuit owned company by Nunasi Corporation and Qikiqtaaluk Corporation.

Your visit will start with a Larga Baffin driver picking you up at the airport upon arrival. Once everyone is off the flight(s) the driver will take you on a 20 minute drive to Larga Baffin. It is strongly advised that you be sure you have your Nunavut Health Card and one piece of photo identification, or two government issued non-photo ID.

Depending on the time of your arrival, you may get to Larga Baffin around supper time where you will be welcomed by others who are already here, and be invited to enjoy a home cooked meal from the kitchen. During your check in at the front desk, you will also be informed of where you will be sleeping. Chances are there will be someone here from your home community. If you have any allergies, especially to any particular foods, or dietary needs please be sure to let the Larga Baffin staff know and they will do everything to ensure you are not put at risk.

If you are to go directly to a hospital upon your arrival, please notify the driver and they will be sure to get you there. During your stay the driver will also take you to each and every medical appointment and pick you up. If you have an appointment that Larga Baffin is not aware of, please be sure to let them know. Larga Baffin strives to get everyone where they need to be in a timely manner.

Larga Baffin's staff have an intimate and a deep-rooted respect for the Inuit. Many of the Larga Baffin staff are of Inuit origin too and/or have dealt with northern organizations and issues. It is the goal at Larga Baffin, to treat everyone fairly and give everyone a warm reception. Please approach the staff if you have a concern.

There are a few things not provided for at Larga Baffin. Firstly, interpretation services, which are provided by OHSNI's medically trained interpreters who are available for all appointments and available on-call after hours. Larga Baffin does not administer nor provide any form of medication, explain or describe medical procedures, nor any preparatory supplies. If you have questions about these things, ask Larga staff to contact OHSNI.

Larga Baffin Ltd. asks that everyone bring certain things to ensure you have everything required for your stay. Please bring all personal care products, such as shampoo, bath soap, diapers, shaving supplies, toothbrush, toothpaste, feminine supplies, indoor shoes or slippers (winter time especially).


AODA - Multi-year Accessibility Plan