Who is Larga Baffin Ltd.

Larga Baffin Ltd. is a medical boarding home for individuals travelling from Qikiqtani region of Nunavut to Ottawa, ON for medical services not available to them in their communities in Nunavut.

Our clients travel thousands of miles to seek medical services in an unfamiliar big city that maybe a culture shock for many coming from communities where there is less than 500 people in a community.

Medical services can include; Cancer care, Heart Institute, other specialized appointments such as; high risk pregnancy, special child conditions etc.

LargaBaffin Front Doors

Mission Statement

We strive to provide the best possible atmosphere and service to Nunavummiut who need specialized medical care that is not available in their home communities.

Management Team

  • Malaya Zehr, President, x629
  • Joanna Wilson, Assistant General Manager, x620
  • Arnold Cayetano, Assistant General Manager, x617
  • Alex Habibi, Client Care Manager, x625
  • Carmen-Elena Arias, Client Care Supervisor, x631
  • Anna Illauq, Client Care Supervisor, x631
  • Lisa Touch, Human Resources Manager, x621
  • Ludie Jean Simon, Human Resources Generalist, x615
  • Vacant, Human Resources Administrator, x627
  • Lana Dammous, Housekeeping Manager, x633
  • Conchita Abueg, Housekeeping Supervisor, x616
  • Chris Cousins, Maintenance Manager, x623
  • Ryan Leclair, Food Service Manager, x647
  • Matt Iley, Food Service Assistant Manager, x647
  • Prentice Wilson, Transportation Manager, x638
  • Andrea Buckland, Transportation Supervisor, x607


Larga Baffin opened its doors on April 17, 2000 with 5 staff welcoming 22 residents into our 24 bed facility on Russell Road.

In 2009 we moved to1071 Richmond Road which had 40 rooms and 81 beds. The demand for medical care has exceeded our ability to provide the required accommodation and support services. By necessity, guests were required to be accommodated in nearby hotels adversely impacting our ability to meet our client’s needs in a homelike atmosphere.

In Nov 2015, we moved to 2716 Richmond Road where we can accommodate clients and patient escorts in the 104 rooms and up to 190 clients.

What's Coming

Larga Baffin has acquired property on Hunt Club at Sieveright Avenue, east of Bank street. A 6-story structure will house as many as 350 people, 220 rooms, in a 4-wings off a central core.

We are exceeding our ability to provide accommodation to our clients and having to place some at hotels as we do not have the room to house all clients, the demand for service isn’t slowing down.

We are in the planning development stage and hope to move in to our facility in the next 3-5 years.


Ottawa Health Services Network Inc. (OHSNI) are;

  • Contracted by the Government of Nunavut to provide the medical appointments, discharge and clear the patients back to Nunavut
  • Interpretation Services
  • RX Instructions and Coordination with doctors and northern pharmacy for clients
  • Advocate to doctors for clients
  • Escort switches and exchanges
  • OnCallProcedures
  • OHSNI has six case workers to manage all the patients who come to Ottawa for appointments or have been flown down
  • Provides supplies for clients

Hotels (Overflow)

  • Travelodge East, Innes Rd.
  • Ramada, Prince of Wales Rd.
  • Interns Residence, Parkdale Ave.
  • Ronald McDonald House, Smyth Rd.
  • Rotel, Smyth Rd.
  • Welcome Inn, Michael St.
  • Best Western, Robertson Rd.
  • Rideau Heights, Rideau Heights Dr.


Fostering economic development opportunities for Inuit.

As the Inuit birthright development corporation for the Qikiqtani Region, we have a responsibility to strengthen the social and economic well-being of Nunavut and the 15,500 Inuit we represent. We were trusted with this mandate when Qikiqtani Inuit Association (QIA) created QC in 1983 as their for-profit development arm.

We embody this responsibility in everything we do. We strive to make a positive difference for Inuit, communities and the Nunavut economy through dedication and determination to create meaningful employment and business opportunities. Upholding Inuit principles and values, we are committed to working collaboratively to serve and provide for our communities.

To be an Inuit business leader, working collaboratively with the Regional Development Corporations to identify, invest and grow business opportunities.

Mission: To support the economic well-being of Nunavummiut by growing businesses that contribute to the responsible development of Nunavut and the Arctic.

Nunasi’s values are centred around supporting our shareholders’ strategic priorities in a manner that demonstrates respect for the land and natural environment as well as the cultural, social and economic advancement of Inuit.